New and Noteworthy

We have a lot of fab new products on our shelves!

The natural food business is exploding with fancy new formulas.  At Harvest Market, we are committed to bringing in only the products that support our standards of ingredients and quality.  A natural label or weekly buzz is not enough for our buyers’ discerning eyes.  Here, products must really earn their shelf space by improving upon tried-and-true staples, or filling a completely new niche.  Behind-the-scenes conversations about new products are in-depth, animated, and fairly critical.  We cannot replace your own eyes scanning ingredients labels, but you can trust that we choose to stock and highlight products which (cookies aisle aside) we believe to be truly beneficial to the customer- you.  Check out what we have recently brought in:

Essential Eating Sprouted Spelt Hot Cereal: Organic and sprouted, so no need to soak for optimal digestion.





Way Better Sprouted Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips: Sprouting grains and seeds makes nutrients more available and easier to digest.  These chips include sprouted flax, quinoa, and chia.  Really tasty, too.





Field Day Cereals: Organic and more cost-effective than many brands.





Old Wessex Instant Hot Oatmeal: An organic, instant option for those who don’t need individual packets.





Daiya Dairy-Free Jack-Style Wedge: Vegan “cheese” that stretches and melts.  Since their premiere, Daiya products have set the gold standard for cheese substitutes.  Soy-free!





Hail Merry Chocolate Mint Tart: This decadent treat contains only dark cocoa, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic maple syrup, almond flour, and sea salt.  Find it in the gluten-free treats refrigerator.






Mychelle Minerals Cream Foundation: We searched for years for petrochemical-free makeup in a wide variety of skin tones.  Mychelle finally did the trick.  Rich in plant oils and extracts, this stick is pigmented with minerals that provide a measure of sun protection, too.  As always, no animal testing.



Nature’s Path is one of our Non-GMO Heroes.  The new Chia Plus waffles are exciting- bring the benefits of chia to your toaster.




After many customer requests for a “Triscuit”-style cracker, we found Back To Nature’s Harvest Whole Wheats.  Use them with cheeses and spreads when a crispy, sturdy cracker is called for.





ImageLiberty bottles: the only reusable metal water bottle made in the USA.  BPA-free, leach-free, with a wide mouth that’s easy to open, pours smoothly, and fits ice cubes.  Find these on the reusables shelf along the front window, next to produce.

ImageGSI H2JO: turn your BPA-free GSI bottle into a to-go coffee brewing machine.  Strainer insert fits many wide-mouth bottles.  Also with reusables near produce.

ImageTaza Ginger Chocolate: the stone-ground, additive-free favorite offers a spicy, new flavor.  Get your magnesium and tummy-friendly, anti-inflammatory ginger in one treat.  Find Taza chocolate near the register.

ImageGo-Tubbs: like Go-Toobs, but sized and shaped to fit lip balm, salve, a hearty dash of spices, or a day’s supply of supplements.  Food-safe and BPA-free.  Find these hanging in the supplement aisle.

ImageHail Merry Macaroons: raw, organic, gluten-free, sweetened with maple syrup, based in coconut- a treat doesn’t get much cleaner than this.  Blonde or Choco flavors.  Find Hail Merry on the bottom of the bars endcap in the snack aisle, directly across from magazines.

ImageAlaffia EveryDay Coconut: The Alaffia cooperative has a new venture.  Everyday Coconut advances Alaffia’s mission to advance fair trade and reduce poverty in Togolese communities.  Fans of EveryDay Shea will appreciate the same value pricing.  In addition to being affordable, each purchase of EveryDay Coconut provides fair wages to 130 women in Southern Togo, West Africa.  Certified Fair Trade coconut oil.  Try Super Hydrating Coconut Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, or Lotion.  EveryDay Coconut and EveryDay Shea value-sized bottles can be found on the bottom shelf of the Health & Beauty aisle.

ImageDevita Solar Protective Moisturizer: A quality moisturizer with chemical-free sunscreen that feels good on your skin is hard to come by.  Cosmia suggested this one, and so far, the reviews are excellent.  Find Devita in the Health & Beauty aisle.  (PS: Sunscreens have a new home this year.  Find warm-season essentials along the front window, between the supplement fridge and the cleaners shelf.)

ImageSalus Red Beet Crystals: Mix these naturally sweet tasting, instantly soluble, raw, certified organic beet crystals into your smoothie for a multifaceted boost.  Beets support liver function and detox, along with many other benefits.  These crystals are vacuum-dried within hours of harvest, preserving the qualities of the wonderful beet in an easy-to-use form.  Please note that beets are naturally high in sugar, so mixing this concentrate with fruit juice is likely to create a blood sugar spike.  Use vegetable juice or water when possible.

ImageColumbia Gorge juices: Did you know Odwalla is owned by Coca-Cola, and Naked Juice owned by PepsiCo?  We are thrilled to offer you an alternative.  Columbia Gorge juices are organic, produced by family-owned farms in the Pacific Northwest, and even a better value than the most popular blends from the “big guys.”  Find a wide variety of flavors in the Columbia Gorge refrigerator inside the front door: strawberry-banana smoothie, raspberry-peach smoothie, Just Greens, carrot-leafy greens, carrot-beet-celery, coconut-celery-kale, carrot, orange juice (also available in ½ gallon), lemonade with agave (also available in ½ gallon), pomegranate-blueberry, Vitasea, Super C, Super Berry, Protein CoGo, Mango CoGo, and wild blackberry.  Instant staff favorite.

ImageChameleon Cold-Brew coffee concentrate: Fair Trade and thanks to the cold-brew process, less acidic than traditional coffee.  Cut with water or your favorite creamer.  Perfect for iced coffee.  Taste this new product Saturday, May 12 at our World Fair Trade Day coffee and chocolate tasting!  Chameleon Cold Brew lives next to our drink refrigerator, on the bottom shelf.

ImageAlmond Dream frozen Chocolate Bites: Because our dessert freezer can always use more dairy-free bonbons.

ImageAlive & Radiant Kale Krunchies: Kale snacks are some of the most popular in the store.  We think this speaks volumes about our with-it customers.  Try new Alive & Radiant in ranch, chipotle, or tarragon-dijon.  Organic, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

ImageEqual Exchange Geo Bars: This exceptional bar has over 50% Fairly Traded ingredients!  The primary farmer groups that are supported through the Equal Exchange Geobars are South African grape farmers, Pakistani apricot collectors, Chilean beekeepers and berry farmers, Indian rice farmers, and Thai rice farmers.  Find chocolate-raisin and mixed-berry Geo Bars in our cereal aisle.

ImageNumi Pu-Erh Tea:  Pu-Erh was the birthplace of the oldest Tea Road in China.   Pu·erh undergoes a unique fermenting process: once picked, the leaves are piled, dampened, and turned, over a 60-day period.  The roots of these mature trees gather more minerals from the earth resulting in elevated levels of antioxidants; more than most green teas. The unique fermentation process then acts on the nutrients that already exist in the tea leaves. Pu·erh has been purported in Chinese culture to aid digestion and metabolism, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, help with weight management and naturally boost energy (without the jitters). According to independent ORAC tests, Numi’s bottled Puerh iced teas contain 3x more antioxidants than leading brand black and green iced teas.  Find jasmine, ginger, and coconut Pu-Erh teabags with other boxed teas in the Health & Beauty aisle.

ImageBadger Sport Sunscreen: Environmental Working Group safety leader Badger has made an extra-zinc, extra-water-resistant formula for those who need the hardest-working sunscreen on the market.  Seasonal personal care items have a new home this year, between the supplement fridge and the cleaners shelf.

ImageAmaranth Granola Bars: The newest offering from local gluten-free bakery Amaranth are flying off the shelves.  Call us by Thursday to reserve some for Monday’s delivery.

ImageHandy Pantry Sprouts: We scoured our suppliers for certified organic sprouting seeds.  (Apparently, they’re sometimes tough to come by.)  The protein mix,  mung, pea, and alfalfa sprouting seeds from Handy Pantry fit the bill.  Find these health superstars with gravy mixes, on the bulk endcap facing the milk fridge.

ImageGreen Valley Lactose-Free Sour Cream, Yogurt, and Kefir:  Finally, a lactose-free dairy line that is both organic and not Ultra-High-Temperature-Pasteurized.

ImageApplegate Farms: now find organic chicken strips near the Applegate organic turkey burgers, top shelf, and gluten-free chicken tenders a few shelves down.  As always, Applegate meats are humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and contain zero fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients.

Image ImageCascadian and Nature’s Path cereals have taken center stage in our cereal aisle, and both brands have premiered some new flavors.  This expansion was a deliberate move to highlight organic cereals over non-organic, as the Genetically Modified Organisms prevalent in non-organic grains become a better-known threat to our health.

ImageNewman’s Royal Tea: The Newmans have done it again.  Their organic tea in black and green varieties is an incredible value- perfect for those who can’t make it through a summer hour without an iced drink.  Bonus: the teabags are unlined, so they can be recycled.  Those who go through a lot of teabags will appreciate this design.

ImageOrganic Food Bar:  This classic bar company has graduated to kids’ bars and produced several new flavor combos.  The difference?  Most of the ingredients are truly raw, and Organic Food Bar uses whole dates rather than the date paste you’ll find in some other popular brands.  Find these on the newly rearranged bars shelf, with snacks.

ImageTonya’s Gluten-Free Pretzel Bites: a snack many gluten-free folks may have been sorely missing.  In the freezer case.

ImageGiggy Bites Buffalo Jerky for dogs: Your pet deserves quality meats, too.  Our neighbors at Giggy Bites know just what dogs love.  Our many local pet foods and treats live across from the freezer case.

ImageRadius Silk Flosses and Toothbrushes from Kutztown, PA: Unique, effective, even Sting asks for them by name.  Love your gums and support local business at the same time.  Look for the funny-shaped toothbrushes on the bottom shelf in Health & Beauty.

ImageWallaby Organic Greek Yogurts: What’s not to love?  Great consistency.  In strawberry, blueberry, and plain.  Find these in the yogurt case.

ImageJarrow Organic Whey Protein: Because dairy really should be held to the highest standards.

ImageHarmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water: Who needs a celebrity spokesperson when you’re organic, raw, fresh, never concentrated, and have the flavor, fragrance, and nutrition of a unique coconut variety sustainably sourced from small eco-farms?  Find these in the drink fridge near kombucha.

ImageUdi’s Gluten-Free Three Cheese Pizza: So delicious, even those who can have wheat will choose it again and again.

ImageFor kids, find the new board game “Jr. Rangerland: Great Smokey Mountains” on our bookshelf.  Encourage a connection with nature and fewer hours in front of a screen.

ImageOikos presents frozen, organic greek yogurt in chocolate, vanilla, and honey flavors.  In the ice cream freezer.

ImagePopular Life Factory glass reusable bottles now feature fliptop lids and a variety of sizes. Vessel Spirit Cups now feature a flip-top straw lid, just in time for summer.  Find them on the reusables shelf near produce.

ImageZum Face: Change your perception of oil-based skincare.  One of the cleanest, most effective brands we carry.  In the Health & Beauty aisle.

ImageFeel Good Dumplings make quick, gluten-free meals a breeze.  Asian-style with shrimp or vegetables.

ImageSteve’s Original Paleo Kits, Stix, and Krunch continue to amaze people who go grain-free.  Find grain-free meat and fruit snacks on the shelf right inside the front door.  (Raw snacks can now be found mixed with the other snacks and protein powders.)  Other new jerky brands include Vermont Smoke and Cure, in cracked pepper and barbecue with pork, and Local Pastures grass-fed Blaistix in chipotle-adobo, hot-spicy, or mild-mannered.

ImagePremiere Organics has made the perfect snack: raw nut butter packets, a little over one ounce each.  Choose raw cacao, pecan or walnut with cashews, or coconut butter.

ImageAuthentic Foods, a cook’s dream according to our customers, brings a gluten-free multigrain flour to your table.

ImageBreads from Anna makes allergen-free cooking much easier with rice-free, gluten-free bread mix, and rice-free, gluten-free, yeast-free bread or piecrust mix.  Finally!

ImageLocal pet food from Beaverdam not only improves coat and digestion, but now comes grain-free, too.  Look for Eli’s Grain-Free in 5-lb. bags with the other Beaverdam foods, across from the freezer.

ImageSalazon Chocolate: Spanish for “salted,” this chocolate is completely organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.  Available in sea salt & coffee, sea salt & turbinado cane sugar, sea salt, sea salt & cracked black pepper.  Find Salazon on the bottom shelf of the chocolate rack.

ImageRPS Pasta: Ready-to-eat gluten-free fusilli pasta in the refrigerator, easy to dress any way you like for lunch.

ImageInterrupcion Chimichurri: We finally found a chimichurri that meets our standards- it’s even Fair Trade.  Interrupcion is a traditional Argentine compliment to grilled and otherwise prepared meats and vegetables. This rich savory sauce has a zesty, tangy finish and is made with vinegar, herbs and tomatoes produced in the Mendoza Province of Argentina.  Find the chimichurri of your dreams with the condiments, across from bulk.

ImageLightCap300 combines a solar-powered lantern with a BPA-free water bottle that can also serve as watertight storage.  Pack less and see more.  Includes a red LED option for stargazing.  Look for these with reusable bottles.

ImageLilly’s Hummus: made with organic beans and extra virgin olive oil.  Just as smooth and tasty as Bobbi’s, but without soy, and at a lower price.

ImageBrought in by multiple requests: Hilary’s Veggie Burger.  Find this soy-free quality protein in the freezer.  Bonus: these veggie burgers hold up in the toaster, so kids can easily make them after school.

Have a favorite product?  Call us at (302) 234-6779 to put in a product request!  If we don’t carry it, many times we can order a case for you.  You save 15% on most grocery pre-order cases, whether we carry the product or not.  Stop by Customer Service for more details.

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